I´ve started a project to mount comtech modules into a suitcase for easy mobility.

The modules can send audio in stereo and video on 24cm wavelength around (1278Mhz).
I´ve also bought an LCD controller to see what frequency i am listening and transmitting on.
The LCD has S meter capability.

The project has been at low priority for a long time but after som succesful ATV tests in
Norrköping 2004-2006 the interest from me has grown. The longest path for test with sucess
is 5km. But this was perfect (P5) picture and only 200mW so there is a lot to discover.
We have only played with analogue techniques but more and more amateures now uses digital
transmissions in the standard DVB-S. Today prices are rather high on digtal equipment but
tomorrow the prices are dropping fast....

January 2007

I bought a Denver LCD TV 7 inch with DVB-T receiver. It has in/outputs so i can easily mount this TV
in the suitcase. The television set has an built in litium battery for app 2 hours duty.
I think i would like a bigger set  of batterys in the case maybe  two 7Ah batteries.


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