Updated 03-06-07
                                           Softwares useful for radio interested 
                                                             WSJT             Weaksignals for EME etc.    

                               HAMSCOPE  CW, RTTY etc PSK 31 only 31Hz broad signal!.  
SSTV Analogue picture transmission program (like a fax).
                                                              DIGTRX  Digital type of SSTV. 
                               NBTV     Analogue or digital transmission of webcamera via radio ~2,4kHz broad signal!!
                               DRM      Digital Radio Mondiale Digitalradio  on shortwave (RX).
                                                                            ( Decode via the soundcard of your PC)
                               RXCLUS Clusterprogram for soundcard, internet(Telnet) or via TNC.
                                                             SATSCAPE  Satellite tracking program of course the moon is included:-)

                                                             LOGGER  A swedish (SM0LCB) contest program for Nordic activity contests.
Please could anyone tip me of a good logging program for allbands for day to day logging??
                                                                The one i have got can not in a safe way recover the backup data after a crash...


                                                Satellite related links

                                    AMSAT SM   
                                                            AMSAT NA 
                                    Parabolic dishes and related by W0LMD


                                       Dubus magazine.

                                                              OH5IY       Meteor Scatter.

                                                               PA4DAN  Homebrew antennas, filters PA for 23cm.


                                                                                             Power amplifiers
                                     OM Power    Power Amplifiers for sale
                                         Linear AMP UK    Power amplifiers for sale
                                     AMPLITEC  Power amplifiers for sale. 
     VHF/UHF Power amplifiers for sale.
                                                              HA1YA      Power amplifiers for sale.
                                                           Amplifiers.se  PA for sale.


                                                             PA3CEG  23CM GS35B project.