Satellite mast   update 09-04-06

The satellite mast is a experimentation platform for various antennas and PA preamps and so on.
Today it is without antennas but i hope to be finished with the circularly cabels in spring 2006.
I hope to mount 2*13elements for 70CM
2*8 elements for 2M
Parabolic dish for 23/13CM (UP/DN link)

The tower has a Prosistel 2051 rotator mounted and an old SAT-TV actuator for elevation 0-90degrees.
The scale is a voltmeter and the project is beginning to take shape.
The Voltage out to the 10k 10 turn pot is 9V (7809) and the actuator and rotator
will be controlled automatically via EA4TX computer interface.
So i just have to talk into the birdie and look out for some doppler;-)
The 23cm patch seems to give me high SWR it worked perfectly summer 2004.
The patch for 13cm has not been calibrated to a source hope to catch a slow satellite soon.

Summer 2005. These antennas is now mounted in the main mast.